Integrated Project Management

Endevour is one of a few companies on the Ukrainian market, which has experience of integrated project management of drilling oil and gas wells.

Integrated project management (IPM) is the process of managing the well construction or workover with engineering and technical guidance to ensure the quality of work, prevent accidents and complications, provide adherence to the QHSE rules, in accordance with Customer’s budget and deadlines.

We have the experience of providing IPM and supervising services in accordance with international standards during drilling wells of more than 6000 meters depth and with complex geological conditions. Professional engineering team has a solid practical experience on projects in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, and work with the leading global drilling and service companies.

Project management ensures the integration of advanced technologies and services, implementing the best world practices and bringing additional expertise in engineering, drilling, geology and process management, as well as a combination of work experience at a local market with the world-class technologies.

We consider Customer’s requirements and analyze the potential complications and risks, ensuring achievement of the goals with the highest economic efficiency, through geological expertise, engineering management, procurement, logistics and the interaction of all process participants, supervising the job performance and monitoring the compliance with regulations.

Realizing how unique and complex your project is, the interaction of all the participants is planned to ensure predictable and economical project result through the highest quality and efficiency of processes, not only on the construction stage, but also throughout the well lifecycle.

All the works are performed with the definitive compliance to QHSE rules.

IPM services are provided on the basis of individual contracts which provide optimal schemes of cooperation among all parties. The best result is achieved with the complete project lifecycle management, but IPM contracts may include various schemes of responsibility and power distribution of the managing company, the Customer and all other participants of the process. Endevour can provide services in any combination – from the development of pre-project solutions to supervising of the well construction process and complete project management. We offer options of the full support of project implementation as well as updating and strengthening of the Customer’s team where it is needed.

One of the IPM components which often acts as a separate service, is the supervising while drilling. Third-party supervising provides reliable control of all types of work on the wellsite, and coordination of all participants of drilling or workover to prevent complications and reduce risks while drilling, including the processing the technological and economic data, cost control, amendments to the work programs, operational and analytical reporting.

Content of IPM service while well construction and workover depend on Customer’s requirements and may include the following components:

  • development and auditing of the well design and workover plans.
  • work plans development.
  • tender documentation preparation, bidding, evaluation of proposals for compliance with the requirements of the Customer.
  • appointment of Contractors to perform various types of works and services, their audit and evaluation.
  • preparation and signing of contracts.
  • drilling program development.
  • preparation of detailed mobilization plans.
  • wellsite construction management.
  • mobilization management.
  • coordination of Contractors.
  • management of drilling or workover works according to the well design.
  • operating quality, equipment and materials control.
  • engineering services and technical support.
  • test works management.
  • preparation and analysis of reporting and other documentation required by the Customer.
  • development of recommendations for improvement of technical and organizational solutions.


Engineering and well design service is based on optimal technological solutions, developed with the specialized software, using the latest technology, equipment and best practices at all stages of the well construction, taking into account the specific geological conditions and the real capabilities of the work contractors.

Our engineering team is ready to design:

  • Well design for drilling oil and gas wells (vertical, directional and horizontal) of any complexity, including high pressure high temperatures.
  • Well designs and work procedures for sidetracking drilling and deepening of deepening of existing wells.
  • Plug and abandonment.
  • Intervention and workover of abandoned oil and gas wells.
  • Preliminary design solutions during preparation and initial stages of investment projects.

  • Operating procedures for accident-free drilling, for prevention of mud and cement lost circulation, drilling fluid programs, cementing, well testing.
  • Anti-collision control procedures.
  • Supervision over the execution of drilling procedures.
  • Audit of existing designs and procedures.

Our engineering team had developed 17 projects of drilling deep and ultradeep wells, successfully implemented in Dnipro-Donetsk basin. This includes wells with difficult geological conditions, HPHT, with more than 1000 meters deviation. We have developed the design of the deepest active well in Ukraine – 6750 meters.

The main objectives of our well designs are:

  • optimal drilling performance with accurate prediction of terms and costs;
  • prediction and reduction of drilling risks;
  • ensuring of accident-free drilling, stability and quality of the wellbore;
  • implementation of the best practices and standards for drilling;
  • increase of ROP and reduction of NPT;
  • effective pay-zone penetration;
  • QHSE improvement.

Supplies, Rental and Repair

The process of drilling and workover requires the availability of the wide range of special equipment that will achieve the optimum results quickly, reliably and safely.

Endevour offers services of optimal equipment selection in accordance with Customer’s needs, developing of delivery schedules, supply, rental and repair of drilling equipment and tools within the latest trends in the market and the world’s best practices.

We are ready to offer complex solutions for expanding your fleet of equipment, maintaining inventory, inspection and auditing equipment, it’s servicing, repair and reconditioning. As a result, you will get optimal inventory of equipment that meets up-to-date international and local standards and best practices, serviced and inspected, with minimal time and resources spent.

The quality of supply and rental service is ensured by the expert support and consultancy from the world known manufacturers of drilling tools and equipment. Besides, Endevour is the official partner of National Oilwell Varco in Ukraine.

We can perform the necessary calculations and provide consultations for the selection of the optimal technology and equipment to achieve the target. The company has experience of equipment deliveries produced individually to Customer’s drawings.

We work with equipment and tools, including but not limited to:

  • drill bits and reamers;
  • BHA components;
  • OCTG;
  • sidetracking and workover equipment;
  • jars and shock tools;
  • fishing tools;
  • float equipment;
  • well completion equipment.

We also offer solutions for repair of drilling equipment and tools: PDC-bits, OCTG, valves, wellhead equipment, downhole tools, etc.

Endevour has the experience and skilled personnel to perform a full audit of drilling rigs and equipment and developing modernization programs for them.

We manage procedures of equipment selection, choosing and auditing of suppliers, quality control at all production stages, optimizing logistics and customs procedures, focusing on a detailed analysis of the Customer needs.

The Company has its own customs control area and bonded facility that allow to organize effective process of customs clearance and storing of goods. Our personnel have experience of arranging logistics using all types of transport.

Drill Bits

Endevour offers optimal solutions to provide the Customer with drilling bits, including the selection of the optimum type and design, the supply and run of PDC, tri-cone, impregnated and hybrid drilling bits to perform a wide range of tasks. Bits can be provided for sale, lease or “pay by meter” service.

Our engineers carefully investigate all available information on lithology, analyze data on offset wells, existing well designs and procedures. Based on this analysis, they select each bit according to the specific drilling conditions and Customer’s requirements. As a result, the Customer receives optimized drill bits solutions that contribute to the most effective achievement of the set of specific goals.

The service is provided with partner expert support from the global leader in the development and manufacturing of drill bits – the National Oilwell Varco company, which guarantees access to the latest technology in the industry, and the successful search for the most economically efficient and reliable solutions. Bit selection, modeling of their work conditions, optimizing BHA and vibration analysis is performed by using specialized NOV software TerraScopeTM and VibraScopeTM.

Drill bit service includes:

  1. Drill bit program design, including the vibrations analysis and BHA optimization.
  2. Timely bits delivery on the well.
  3. Field engineering support of “pay by meter” bit run on the well, including the following:
  • calculation and optimization of drilling hydraulics;
  • preparation of bits to RIH;
  • analysis and recommendations on BHA;
  • instructing drilling crew on proper use of the bits (BHA assembly/disassembly, running through possible complications areas, bit breaking-in, etc.);
  • calculation of optimum drilling parameters and their monitoring;
  • preparing of daily and run reports;
  • IADC dull grade evaluation;
  • performance analysis of run, development of recommendations as per the drilling results.
  1. The final report on the well or drilled intervals with conclusions and recommendations for improving the ROP for next well of the field, reducing NPT and risk of complications while drilling.

Downhole Tools

Endevour offers service of rental of downhole drilling equipment and tools with field engineering support. Drilling and workover require availability of a wide range of special equipment to achieve the optimal targets quickly, reliably and safely. Downhole tools rental service timely provides the wellsite with the high-quality and reliable drilling equipment, including:

  • downhole drilling motors;
  • jars and intensifiers;
  • shock tools;
  • directional tools;
  • hydraulic oscillators (Agitators);
  • vibration and drilling dynamics control tools;
  • stabilizers;
  • reamers;
  • coiled tubing tools;
  • fishing tools etc.

The service aim is to ensure effective accident-free drilling process and increase overall commercial drilling speed.

We offer complex solutions for selection of optimal equipment in accordance with the Customer’s needs, which includes audit of well design and drilling procedures, BHA analysis, drill string vibrations while drilling analysis, checking and development of directional drilling procedures. To accomplish this task, we may involve engineering support from the National Oilwell Varco and use advanced software.

To provide the service, we use equipment made by the leading global manufacturer – National Oilwell Varco, which allows you to have full confidence in the reliability and predictability of the drilling process. Endevour always offers our Customers to introduce new technologies on the Ukrainian market for continuous improvement of performance. NOV advanced developments and know-hows allow Customers to sustainably improve the performance of speed and quality of the well construction.

Equipment is serviced by NOV technicians directly on the rigsite and at the service bases in Germany, Great Britain, United States and Norway, involving the most acknowledged inspection company – Tuboscope, which ensures the perfect compliance to the world’s highest quality standards.

Directional drilling

Endevour provides directional drilling and sidetracking service, with supply and rental of drilling equipment for directional and horizontal wells.

State-of-the-art directional tools, both MWD with hydraulic channel or rotary steerable systems (RSS), as well as specialized software and real-time data transmission systems are used for drilling of directional sections.

We use optimal combination of equipment, procedures and personnel to ensure high ROPs, the quality of the wellbore and adherence to design trajectory.

Directional drilling and sidetracking service includes the following components:

  • Well path design, calculation of all BHA components, selection of steerable bits;
  • Optimization of wellbore trajectory and drilling parameters depending on the characteristics of formations;
  • Engineering support while cutting casing windows and sidetracking;
  • Analysis of accidents with providing recommendations for the prevention of accidents and complications;
  • Supply and rental of equipment for sidetracking and directional and horizontal drilling;
  • Providing directional tools with hydraulic channel;
  • Effective control of the wellbore deviation parameters;
  • Twenty-four-seven operational control and technological support of field operations by the office engineering team in real time;
  • Preparation of daily and the final reports.

Non-Destructive Testing

Timely inspection and evaluation of the equipment and tools is a necessary condition to prevent failures or deterioration of their condition leading to an increase in the cost of repairs and nonproductive time.

“Endevour” provides service inspection and non-destructive testing in accordance with the international standards and the best world practices, involving highly skilled personnel and modern equipment, providing accurate and reliable results.

NDT laboratory of our company is able to carry out a full range of drilling tools and equipment tests both on the production bases and in the field using the following methods:

  • visual-optical (VT);
  • magnetic particle (MT);
  • penetrant (PT);
  • ultrasonic (UT);
  • electromagnetic (ET)
  • radiographic (RT)

Work on non-destructive testing is conducted by experts trained, tested and certified in accordance with the ASNT TC-1A, as well as internal rules of Ukraine NPAOP.

The inspection can be carried out according to the standards API, DS-1, NPAOP, NS-2, internal standards or other standards specified by the Customer.

During the service work we have inspected tens of thousands of pieces of drilling equipment and tools and prevented hundreds of accidents through the use of low-quality tools and equipment.

Quality inspection and NDT ensure confidence in operability of equipment and the absence of hidden defects providing for:

  • the safety of life and health of personnel;
  • maximizing equipment life through timely maintenance and reducing its value;
  • reducing the risk of losses from failures of equipment and complications during drilling;
  • effective process performance through timely detection of defects before they lead to serious consequences;
  • the ability to make correct decisions on management of drilling based on accurate and objective data;
  • reducing non-productive time, increasing the speed of drilling, and thus, reducing the overall cost and timely receipt of products.

Objectivity and reliability of inspection results is ensured by impartiality of the Contractor as a disinterested third party, and availability online for inspection and analysis.

Basic types of control of drilling tools and equipment:

  1. incoming inspection of drill pipes, tubing and casing to meet manufacturer’s claims and specifications (thickness measurement of pipe body, hardness test of pipe material, coercimetry, ultrasonic inspection for manufacturing defects);
  2. control of drill pipes before drill feed to meet API and DS-1 requirements;
  3. drill pipes planned control during pulling-out according to local standards;
  4. planned control of drilling equipment (drawworks, power tongs, elevators, swivels, traveling block, crown blocks);
  5. drilling rigs and their foundations scheduled control.


Methods of Non-Destructive Testing:

  1. Visual-optical method (VT):
  • checking of drilling tools for physical deterioration;
  • endoscopy of hard-to-get-to elements of equipment and the inner surface of OCTG;
  • quality control of threaded pipe joints by local standards using thread gages and thread templets, conemeters, depth gages, calipers.
  1. Magnetic particle method (MT):
  • fluorescent control of threaded sections of drill pipes;
  • control of potentially unreliable areas of drilling tools;
  • defectoscopy of equipment.
  1. Ultrasonic method (UT):
  • control of end sections of drill pipe;
  • ultrasonic thickness measurement;
  • body scan of drilling pipes, casing and tubing.
  1. Penetrant method (PT):
  • control of non-magnetic drilling tools and equipment.
  1. Electromagnetic method (ET):
  • detection of defects of threaded connections, drilling equipment and tools: drill pipes, drill collars, crossover subs, etc.
  1. Radiographic (RT):

Mud Logging

Mud logging service provides engineering and technological support in the drilling process and formation evaluation. It includes the supply of drilling equipment with the complex of plugs and monitoring of drilling technological parameters, analysis of hydrocarbon composition of the air-gas mixture (gas logging), lithologic and geological formation evaluation, as well as geological-technological consulting support to optimize the drilling process and prevent accidents.

The service is provided in the partnership with company Drill-Lab Sp. z o.o. (Poland), which has many years of experience providing mud logging service on the five continents for the biggest world oil and gas companies both offshore and onshore.

We reliably and securely collect and analyze real-time geological-geochemical, geophysic and technological information to perform well condition control at all stages of its construction and putting into the production in order to improve the quality of drilling, reduction of well construction term and effective disclosure reservoir horizons.

Based on the continuous monitoring of the drilling process and maintaining the stability of wellbore, we provide latest update regarding the situation, processed for making informed decisions that guarantee safe, efficient and accident-free of works performance.

This information will simplify the process of formation evaluation and identify ways to support stability of wellbore and avoid complications during drilling. The main purpose of the service is predicting possible problems at all stages of the well construction before they occur.

Thanks to the control of the drilling teams’ quality and strict compliance with the parameters of the drilling project, GTP and technological orders, as well as the optimization of drilling practices, provided the reduction of technological risks, non-productive time and cost the well construction.

We also monitor the settings and level of mud fluid in the well and circulation system to ensure well blowout safety as in the process of drilling, and at the time of RIH/POOH 

Our Mud Logging Unit acts as the operational Center for the collection, processing and transmission of information on the rigsite, including data collection from LWD, MWD services, cementing and others.

The collecting and processing information system allows you to allocate and distribute important information on-line to all the participants of the drilling process both on the rigsite and remotely at the location specified by the Customer.

The Service may include technological support from the experienced production engineers and geologists, who will provide the Customer an exact and accurate picture of what is happening on the well, based on the analysis of the data file of all processes and services involved in the drilling process.

Services are provided in accordance with the requirements of the state standards and internal instructions of the Customer and the best international practices with reporting in three languages.

Geological tasks of the Service:

  • fast lithologic and stratigraphic dismemberment of the well column;
  • determining the nature of saturation collector formation;
  • estimation of filtration-volumetric characteristics of the reservoir beds
  • control of testing process and determination of hydrodynamic and technological characteristics of layers for objects tests;
  • identification of benchmark horizons;
  • transfer of geological information and geological steering in real time;
  • collection and packing of drilling sludge, the selection of gas samples;
  • correlation of the horizons.

Technological task of the Service:

  • early detection of blowout;
  • monitoring of hazardous gases (H2S, CO2, and SO2);
  • recognition and definition of the technological operations duration;
  • detection of kick and loss of returns, operation of keeping well full, reports preparation for each RIH/POOH operation;
  • optimization of run operations (run speed limit, optimization of lifting mechanisms);
  • control of Plast and pore count pressure, forecasting of abnormally high formation pressure and abnormally high pore count pressure calculation of d-exponent in real time;
  • casing running and cementing control, calculation of the actual diameter of the wellbore;
  • pre-alarm situations diagnostics in real time.

Planning-economic tasks of the Service:

  • control of drilling performance indicators;
  • definition of shift time schedule, drilling teams (drilling rig);
  • preparation and transfer to the top level management of consolidated forms of operational reporting on performed works during shift, run or 24-hour day and well in General.

 Information tasks of the Service:

  • on-line transfer of geological-technological information to the Customer;
  • data collection and transfer from LWD, MWD services, cementing and others;
  • on-line video monitoring at the rigsite.

Completion and Tubular Running

Endevour completion service includes selection, delivery and running float and completion tools, as well as casing and tubing running service with electronic torque control.

Endevour offers services of the assortment, development, manufacturing, delivery and running of liner hangers, stage cementing tools, packers and bridge plugs, float equipment, etc. Along with engineering support, we provide rental of necessary additional equipment: cementing heads, running tools, stingers, elevators, spiders, sealing lubricants, etc.

We use the equipment and materials manufactured in full compliance with API and ISO standards and best world practices. Technical support from NOV German Oil Tools partners, one of the world’s best developer and manufacturer of liner hangers, provides complete confidence in the quality, reliability and safety of our services.

Tubular running service is meant to ensure the well integrity through the quick, safe and economically efficient performance. Using of third-party service allows to avoid a large number of logistic challenges and inefficient costs, as well as reduce the risk of poor performance.

Our equipment allows to run casing and tubing without the need to attract any additional equipment from the Customer’s side. Hydraulic tongues are equipped with hydropower unit with EX rated electric drive. Torque control system allows to ensure the correct threads make-up according to the requirements of the manufacturer, to ensure their integrity and reliability.

Endevour team performed casing running at many fields of Dnipro-Donetsk basin and the Western Ukrainian region, including HPHT wells. Our track record is more than 230 000 meters of casing. We can provide English speaking personnel and reporting in three languages.

Endevour offers full range of inspection and non-destructive testing of tubulars before the run. Combined with the torque control system it allows to avoid the risk of running unsealed connections run into the well.

With our tubular running service, the Customer can be sure that the pipe is run safely and sealed.


Endevour offers fishing service and supply of Bowen™ National Oilwell Varco fishing equipment. Fishing service may include both solving individual tasks, as well as performing complex job, from the emergency fishing plan design to fishing job performance under the control of the field engineer.

The possible fishing services:

  • Full or partial development of internal procedures on drilling complications prevention.
  • Safe drilling training of the Customer personnel.
  • Analysis of the actual well situation, full or partial development of fishing plan.
  • Investigation and registering of accidents.
  • Performing of complex works while drilling and workover.
  • Arranging and engineering support of complex fishing jobs, prevention of complications and accidents with casing, drill pipes and tubing.
  • System analysis of well designs and procedures on the possibility of accidents and complications for eliminate them during current and future jobs.
  • Carrying out an independent technical audit.
  • Selection, supply and rental of high-quality fishing tools and equipment.
  • Design and supply of tailored fishing tools.

Inefficiently organized fishing job leads to large NPT and unextracted production, complicating the downhole situation every hour.

To minimize the terms of fishing job, reduce NPT and financial loss caused by the accident, it’s critically important to have rapid access to the necessary equipment, fishing tools and expertise.

Fishing job done by third-party service company allows to reduce the costs of personnel, service, repair and inspection of fishing tools.

Our employees understand how the equipment built, operated, maintained and repaired in real condition. The experience of complex works allows them to fully assess the situation and find the right equipment and the technology to complete the job.

The experience gained by the Endevour’s engineers allows you to comprehensively assess the emergency situation, choose the technology of breakdown elimination and pick up the necessary fishing and other tools to organize the process of fishing job accurately.

Leak repair

As an exclusive representative, Endevour offers a leak repair service from Seal-Tite® International company based on a unique pressure activated sealant technology. The sealants are unique in that the pressure drop through the leak site causes the sealants to polymerize into a flexible solid. Only at this point of differential pressure will the sealant polymerization process occur. As the reaction proceeds polymerized sealant forms at the edges of the leak site and

simultaneously links together to form a flexible bond across the leak site. The remainder of the sealant is the system remains liquid.

A Seal-Tite® Technician is required on location to diagnose and cure leaks following the procedures developed for the application. If after diagnostics we determine that the leak severity is beyond our capabilities, he will not attempt to cure the leak.

We do not take on jobs unless we are confident we can cure the leak or the customer instructs us to try even though the chance of success is low.

Seal-Tite® sealants can be used in the harshest operational environments and will maintain their sealing integrity up to 500º F and to 22,000 psi. You can depend on it for high pressure leak repair jobs.

Sealants compatible with oil or water/glycol-based hydraulic fluids are designed to solidify only at the high point of differential pressure, so only the leak is sealed. Any excess sealant remains inert, in a liquid form, and will not clog the hydraulic system or other equipment.

The typical applications are:

  • Surface Leaks (Pipeline Pinholes & Weld Defects, Flange Connections, Ball & Gate Valves)
  • Wellhead Leaks (Ring Gaskets, Gate Valves & Actuators, Tubing & Casing Hangers)
  • Cement Leaks (Microannulus, P & A Cement)
  • Cavern Casing Shoes
  • Downhole Leaks (P & T Guage Mandrels, Sliding Sleeves, Seal Units & Packers, Tubing & Casing, Liner Hangers, Tie Back Assemblies)

The characteristics of the pressure-activated sealants allow for flexible delivery methods. Since the sealant remains liquid except in the presence of differential pressure, there is little concern for the time to deliver the sealant to the leak site or the pressure and temperature (below 500 °F) of the well.

Common sealant delivery methods for onshore wells include:

  • Pump down tubing
  • Pump down casing
  • Spot with wireline dump bailer
  • Spot with coiled tubing
  • Atomize into gas stream

We have 87% of successful jobs among total number of jobs when sealant was pumped.

Features and Benefits

  • Liquid sealant
  • Pressure activated
  • Polymerizes into a flexible solid
  • Solidifies only at the leak site
  • Tested to 22,000 psi and 500˚F
  • Excess sealant remains a liquid

Renewable energy

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